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Ingredient Commitment
WeLoveFragrance has introduced a world renowned French Made perfume line in to the Sri Lankan market.
NB Brand perfume line is a well-known and trusted perfume line especially among the Europe, US and Canada market for its authenticity and uniqueness. In fact this is a recognised product line all over the world that can be found in Sri Lankan market as well from now on.
We are happily looking forward to introduce many more Cuba and New Brand perfumes for you in the near future.
Why WeLoveFragrance?


Choose from an extensive range of perfume products from an array of brands offered at a prices everyone can afford. You will not be counterfeited with our brands as all our perfumes are authentic and genuinely Made in France.  

WeLoveFragrance maintains an extensive contact with our brand houses constantly to bring our fragrance loving customers the best and newest of the bargains.

Please contact our HOT LINE to get an assistance with your difficult fragrance decisions.

About Us 


WeLoveFragrance has introduced a world renowned French Made perfume line in to the Sri Lankan market.

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The products that we sell have no connection what so ever with any designer label or brand. The names used are for a reference only to the fragrance.

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